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Often when swimmers are caught in a riptide, the instinct is to swim back to shore. Unfortunately, that may end up being the most dangerous and fruitless path.
In late 2017, the team at Riptide recognized that the tides of change within the plumbing industry were gaining strength, driven by heightened consumer expectations for speed and access to a broader product assortment. It was time to dive in and embrace the flow.
The leaders of the Riptide business have both a great respect for the core tenets of distribution and a fresh perspective on how to make a meaningful difference within a mature industry. Our goal is to support our key B2B partners with unparalleled speed and grace, so that our customers have what they need to delight their customers on their own terms.
Our team is fortunate to be fueled by passionate, engaged leaders and forward thinkers… and we invite you to embrace the waves of change with us!


Riptide Fulfillment is founded on a set of core values which determine how we act and drive the decisions we make every day.

“Do the right thing” is a fundamental belief shared among every teammate at Riptide and is integral in our pursuit to build the most powerful customer partnerships that endure the test of time.

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Fairness and Caring

While a riptide often shows no mercy to those caught in its path, our team is committed to help our customers, suppliers and teammates find solutions not only to survive, but to thrive.  Our words and actions will show that we genuinely care about people personally and professionally.

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Trust and Respect

Integrity is at the heart of everything we do. Our commitment to always do what we say we are going to do is an unbreakable bond. As we respect the power and speed of water, we also respect all those we encounter in the pursuit of our goals.

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Generous Listening

A current is a strong flow of water in one direction, but a riptide often produces a circular movement of water near the shore. We believe that generous listening involves dynamic and thoughtful engagement where we agree to suspend our judgment and stay open-minded to new ideas.

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Straight Talk

We know that the best partnerships are based in exceptional communication. At Riptide, we are committed to respectfully sharing the things we really mean in a timely manner and in the spirit of fairness and support of others.


Working with the Riptide team is like spending a day at the beach… we are:

alert and ready to help our customers ride the tides of change


focused on building strength and confidence, inspiring greatness


early risers, speedy and streamlined, always seeking improvement


love complex data, listening, learning, predicting and sharing

Siân Smith
Siân Smith

General Manager

Doug Saunders
Doug Saunders

Director, Operations

Sarah Hansen

Manager, Calgary

Diane Best
Diane Best

Customer Service Leader

Stergios Gianniotis

Business Analyst

Michael Bilenki

Customer Service

Peter Smith

Operations and Logistics, Milton

Matthew Mychajluk

Operations and Logistics, Milton

Natasha Newell

Management Trainee

Robert Gardiner
Robert Gardiner

Junior Business Analyst

Sujal Patel

Operations and Logistics, Calgary

Tyler Brown

Operations and Logistics, Calgary

No One At Riptide Get Hurt